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circa 1975
BCARS I-21697

Vancouver Skyscrapers

With 2 million people Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada. Downtown is situated on a peninsula with water on two sides and a park on another. Four bridges connect downtown with the rest of the city. Not too many large office buildings have been built in the last 10 years as vacancy rates have been as high as 15%, although alot of 30 floor condo towers have been built.

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Office Buildings
Dominion Trust Building
Sun Tower
Marine Building
Georgia Medical Dental Building
BC Electric Building
MacMillan Blodel Building
Toronto Dominian Center
Royal Bank Building
Bentall Center
Bank of Nova Scotia
Park Place

Old Hotel Vancouver
Hotel Georgia
Hotel Vancouver
Empire Landmark
Viva Tower
Wall Center

Apartment Buildings
Condo page
The Palisades
Concord Pacific Place

25 floors above Burrard St.
circa 1995

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